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Coaching Resources

Coaching Resources

Thanks for volunteering to coach a CBBC team. Coaching basketball can be challenging and rewarding and like any skill will improve with development and with time. A few simple rules and expectations we expect from all of our coaches:


Coaches should speak respectfully to umpires at all times. Many of the umpires are also learning with the beginners in white shirts, more experienced in green and senior in black and white stripes. You may query a call politely but, as in most sports the umpires will rarely change a call.


At domestic level playing time is expected to be roughly the same for all players. Some teams choose to use an app such as Benchwarmer to time this. It is not appropriate to play your best players for more minutes than your least skilled players.


If you are over 18 and do not have a child in the team you are coaching you need to provide the club with a Working with Children card.

Do you have a team without a coach?…

Or would parents like the option of a talented junior player to coach the team?

CBBC can often provide a paid junior coach for training and games. The cost per team is approx. $20 for each training session and for the game day. This works out to be around $5 per player per week.

We have had great feedback from teams/parents from these arrangements.

For further information [email protected]

Miniball Under 10 Under 12 Under 14 Under 16 Under 18
1st year $20 $20 $20 $25 $25 $25
2nd year $20 $20 $25 $30 $30 $30
3rd year $25 $25 $30 $35 $35 $35
  • If the coach is a player/coach in WABL +$5
  • If the coach is an experienced adult coach $40

CBBC has grown significantly as a club, with nearly 90 teams across all age groups. These 90 teams, require 90 coaches and while a number of coaches are parents, many teams are coached by unrelated individuals, many of which are allocated by the Club, who have a passion for coaching.

Finding suitable coaches for teams is very challenging, as being a coach is a big commitment, especially when you consider that they effectively have to keep their Friday night or Saturday’s free for all of Term 2 and 3.

Although the amount being paid to the coach is through an agreement between the team and the coach, we are often asked, “What is a fair and reasonable amount to pay a coach?”

The suggested fee structure prepared by the Club will hopefully assist in recruiting and retaining junior coaches and has been developed through benchmarking with CBBC coaches, as well as other basketball clubs and sports.

Applying this fee structure will hopefully assist in attracting, and retaining, good coaches for years to come

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We appreciate that not all of our coaches have a strong basketball background and as a result may find it difficult to teach particular skills to a young team, or to even know what to teach. Possibly your best resource is YouTube – type in phrases such as “How do I teach a layup in basketball” or “how do I teach a simple half-court trap” and you will find yourself watching for hours! There are literally thousands of coaches from all over the world who post material to help other coaches.

Coach Education

At Basketball WA, we believe the game of basketball is an extremely positive influence in the WA community. Subsequently, we believe that Education and Training is central to the continued positive growth of our sport in Western Australia. To ensure we sustain this level of growth and expertise, Basketball WA has taken an active role …

Upcoming Coaching Courses

The following courses are scheduled for the upcoming weeks. For courses run by Basketball WA, please contact the office on 6272 0741 for final confirmation as courses need to meet minimum numbers to clear for commencement. There may also be prerequisites for courses. Any individual interested in registering for future courses are encouraged to get

We will also be posting a series of links to useful sites with examples of drills, games and skill development videos which will be added to over time.

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