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Frequently Asked Questions

My child has never played before, can they join?

Yes, we welcome all players regardless of ability and skill level. As there is a grading process for every team at the start of each season, we hope to find a suitable team for each player within their set age bracket.

My child is new to the area and does not know anyone, can they join a team?

Yes, CBBC accepts players from any school and encourages teams of players who do not necessarily go to the same primary school or high school. All you have to do is register with the club.

My child is much stronger or skilled than the other players in their age group, can they move up?

Yes, it is possible to email our admin team and discuss your child’s ability and possibility to move up where it continues to improve their basketball skills and where there is an adequate match in size, ability and other skills necessary to fit in.

My child is timid and has some special needs, can they play with younger players?

CBBC does consider all players welcome, regardless of ability and is inclusive to the best of their ability with the best and safest practice of all players in mind. Where any special needs requirements may inhibit a player from playing with children their own age, these individual cases should be discussed with our friendly admin.

My child is a year older than all their friends; can they still play in the same team?

Unfortunately not, players must stay within their age group to keep it fair as players grow through the ranks. Feel free to contact to our Registration team if there are special circumstances you wish to discuss.

My child has 7 friends, can we start our own team?

Unfortunately, no. Due to CBBC being a very large and popular club with a waitlist, new teams cannot enter the competition and bypass the waitlist. Teams of friends can register and note they would like to be teamed together. Our volunteer admin. always does their best to accommodate new players and their requests.

Is there any financial assistance available for players?

Yes, if you are eligible for financial aid you can apply through Kidsport for a subsidy of $150.00 towards your fees.

Can my child move teams, they are having some issues with other players and the coach?

From time to time there are clashes in personality within a team, be it between players or between parents and coaches or managers. It is important to remember that most coaches and managers volunteer their time. Secondly, as a club we encourage fairness for each player and good sportsmanship amongst everyone in our club and therefore we always like to sort out any issues asap within our teams for the benefit of all.

My child is not the strongest player and so they are not getting much time on court during game day, I think this is unfair, what should I do?

It is the job of the coach to make sure that all players get relatively even time on the court for game day. This is strongly encouraged at the junior level of domestic competition. If this is not happening in your team please speak to your team manager and if more assistance is required, please contact our admin.

My child loves playing but there is some issue with the coach I wish to address. Who do I see?

Parents should speak to their team manager or contact admin. at the club should a problem arise any time of the year. Although coaches are often volunteering their time and may be keen to win games, we encourage a supportive and fair environment for all players to improve and feel valued.

My child just got her ear pierced and is not allowed to take it out yet. Can they still play?

No jewellery is permitted due to safety reasons however, they are permitted to play with a band aid or tape of over it.

Can my child wear skins?

Yes, skins or compression gear is permitted as long as it is black, white or colour of the uniform. Loose fitting coverings are not permitted.

Can my child wear glasses on court?

Yes, optical glasses are permitted on court. We encourage special sports glasses which may prevent fogging and falling off. Speak to your child’s optometrist for more information.


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